Family Portraits at the Park anyone? 

This is a great way for families to have a selection of images that really tell a story about you and your family. They are images that capture a genuine experience, and in the future they’ll take you right back to that moment.

I’ve covered family shoots this was for a number of years now, and it’s clear that people feel far more comfortable in the great outdoors as opposed to a homogenous studio environment. There’s clearly far less pressure on everyone and that makes for much more relaxed images!

On the shoot, the sessions capture a series of natural, spontaneous moments mixed with some carefully considered creative poses that together produce a variety of images that you will treasure forever. The sessions can be held at any time of year, and at any agreed location. The options really are endless!

Want see see some pictures from an example session? Here’s just a few from a family shoot last November.

If you’d like some meaningful family photographs like this please do get in touch!