This isn’t new news now, but it’s still something I’m very proud of. It’s a story from June 2015.

I’m really delighted to learn that I’ve won first-place in the UK leg of this well respected European competition! EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) run their annual awards via nominated magazines throughout Europe, and here in the UK, Amateur Photographer Magazine host the UK competition. I had a nice two-page spread in this week’s edition.


Entrants this year were asked to submit a set of five to eight images relating to the theme of ‘Family’. I chose a panel of six images, all in landscape format, all edited in a toned black & white finish and all showing connections between the subjects. I think getting these elements consistent across the six images was important in pulling the panel together, and it must have worked! All of the the first-prize winners throughout Europe go through to the international final, with the results of that to be announced in August 2015. Fingers crossed for now then!

Here’s the full announcement on the AP website:

Documenting family life is really important to me. Everything changes so fast, and it’s often really normal, everyday moments that are the first to be forgotten, so I try to look for those times, and capture them. Here’s bigger versions of my winning panel.